American Akitas vom Wächterberg

Christmas Walk 2010

A short hike on Boxing Day has been one of the traditional activities of our dog school for many years. Usually a nice group of people comes together for those walks, cause it is a good feeling to move in fresh air after the big Christmas meals. But this year it should be different.

The masses of snow, which we got in recent days, made it difficult to travel to our meeting point , but also the forest and hiking trails were almost no good to walk on. And so only a small little group of 6! American Akitas came together this year.

Although the way itself was not too long it was highly stressful to manage walking. At almost every step you sank deep into the snow In particular, the female fraction of our hiking group was struggling mightily, but at the end we beat the inner weakness and kept through to the end.
Here, as always, a few photos and even a video. Enjoy watching.

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