American Akitas vom Wächterberg

Dojo, male

mit Pokalen

28th August, 2005
Dojo achieved the first prize at the special Akita-exhibition in Duderstadt.
Our congratulation to the proud owner.

steht bei uns im Garten

May 2005
What a nice surprise: Dojo visited us. He has become really awesome, hasn't he?

mit Chey und Jane

He wanted to endear himself to the ladies.


March 2004
Dojo is visiting us.

mit Bruno

Even Bruno played with him.

schaut noch oben

zu Hause im Garten

Post from February 2004
For 5 weeks we have been going to the dog school, every Saturday.I have already had some success. Dojo is very teachable but sometimes bullheaded like a donkey.He has lost quite a lot of teeth but the new ones are fortunately coming. And now he raises his leg for peeing. It looks funny, the first times he he has fallen over.

mit Spielzeug

December 2003
We got a first picture.

Verabschiedung im Wohnzimmer

67th day
Saying goodbye to Dojo. He has gone away to his new home in Rüsselsheim.


67th day

beim Tauziehen

65th day

alle wollen den Strick

59th day
with Deigoh, Django and Diara

allein stehend

50th day


44th day

stehend im Garten

22nd day

ganz müde

22nd day

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  • Kathrin Pilz says:

    Dojo ist leider am 11.02.17 über den Regenbogen gegangen, ich hab meinen besten Freund verloren. Lg

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