American Akitas vom Wächterberg

D-Litter, our fourth litter

2 gucken in Kamera

Date Whelped: 2nd September, 2003
6 males, 5 females

15 th November
Now our 4th akita-litter is history. Today our last puppy left. We had some exciting, stressful but great weeks with our puppies. All new owners promised to stay in further contact with us.

12th November
Our last two ones: Deigoh and Django. Last Saturday we took them to the dog school where they could get in touch with other puppies. At the beginning they were a bit reluctant, but the tunnel was explored quite confidently.

einige spielen einer mit Birne

At a picnic

6 ziehen an Strick

Latest hobby: tug-of-war

4 liegen vor Hütte

Diara, Deigoh, Dana and Django.Keep cool.

7 am Stall

Favourite meeting place: At the rabbits' house

5 brechen Zweige ab

The raspberries are put down, nothing to do in the rockery, no flowers anymore ...

5 bei Bruno

Bruno has started to care about his offspring, too.

Gast zitzt im Zwinger

Under siege

5 schauen in eine Richtung

12th October
What's up?

einer steht über anderem

Daika and Dojo - which of us is stronger?

5 beim Fressen

Now they have started to eat solid food: a mixture of meat, oat flakes and milk - a huge mess.

mit Chey im Zwinger

17th September
Now our footballteam can play in the garden

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