American Akitas vom Wächterberg

Diara, female

mit Schäferhund im Hintergrund

A mail by Diara (April 2004):
'Diara is able to manage some obstacles at agility class now. She is always used to demonstrate exercises in training courses. It is really amazing how an Akita can express itself and communicate, you cannot compare it with other dogs. For example when Diara is very happy she does not only waggle with her tail but with her whole body. She puts her ears sidewards and looks at you with her saucer eyes.'

mit Kameraden

First inspection of her new fellow

geht an Leine

Always very attentive.

sitzt im Garten

59th day
Diara has found some nice people in Augsburg. Her new mum wants to make her to an agility sportsgrirl. We wish good luck.

steht auf Gartentisch

59th day
Last day at our house.

im Garten

50th day

an Brunos Seite

48th day

hockt neben Bruno

48th day
With dad which does not want to share his pig's ear.


45th day


39th day with Dojo

beim Spiel

34th day
playing with Doshi

kleines Geschäft

30th day
Peeing and yawning.

steht im Zwinger

27th day

beim Fressen

22nd day


6th day

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