American Akitas vom Wächterberg


Third week

15th July

Walking is fine more and more, both in the house ...

... and in our garden.

But we wish it would rain.

14th June

Joshi and Shadow - a first careful encounter

Being on the ball - Joshi's first awkward steps

First having a bath ...

then Jane is cleaning and drying littele Joshi.

12th July

These temperatures are unbearable and no cooling is in sight. Our doggies get a refreshing shower now and then, even little Joshiro.

He spends most time of the day sleeping in the shadow of our garden and sometimes goes for a short walk across the lawn. With 17 days he has a weight of 1900 grams now.

10th July

Today Joshiro got his first visitors - his new family Tanja and Jan with Julius and Jonathan from Hilden. He will find a lovely home with them in 6 weeks together with Podenco female Lotta.

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