American Akitas vom Wächterberg

Faizah, female

mit Cheyenne beim Spiel am Bach

28th September 06: Today our Faizah moved to her new family. She has found some nice people near Cologne. Brian originally comes from Ohio like our Jane. Bye, bye, little Faizah, we definitely hear from you.

Here one last picture of Faizah with Chey.

15th September, 06: Faizah and her little friend during a night practice at our dog school.

Faizah 12 weeks old

This is the way she likes to drink

Faizah - almost 11 weeks old- playing in the puppies' room

67th day: Fanmaru left, Faizah right

59th day: Faizah wants to play

55th day: 'Who is coming?'

Faizah, 53 days old

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