American Akitas vom Wächterberg

Geisha, female

3rd June, 2007

Geisha has become an Austrian now. Today she travelled with Doris to her new home near Vienna. There she will share her home with Jack-Russel-lady Ally. Good luck, little girl, we will miss you.

30th May, fifty-seventh day

26th May, fifty-third day

First sniffing ...

and then sneezing.

21st May, forty-eighth day

20th May, forty-seventh day

Geisha on the watch.

18th May, forty-fifth day

17th May, forty-fourth day

Our Geisha is a quite lively girl. She's interested in all new things and likes to play with her brothers and sisters.

10th May, thirty-seventh day

Today we have Geisha twice: in profile and from the front side. Here she is watching her granddad Bruno, which growls if the puppies come too close. They accept this. Still!

8th May, thirty-fifth day

Now Geisha's ears are standing right. So she is the first of our pups that looks like a real Akita.

7th May, thirty-fourth day

Geisha's little ears are beginning to stand

6th May, thirty-third day

Geisha with mum Jane

1st May, twenty-eighth day

27th April, twenty-fourth day

25th April, twenty-second day

24th April, twenty-first day

Geisha between Geeza and Gina

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  • Carina says:

    Hallo, mir gefällt diese Hündin von diesem Wurf am besten!!!! Viel Spaß mit der Hündin für den neuen Besitzer!

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