American Akitas vom Wächterberg

Bruno von Kakusu Chiho †

Akita Bruno ganz alt

11th September 1995 - 25th August 2008

Our friends
wait at the Rainbow Bridge.
The sun is warm and they are content,
knowing we remember
and that, one day we will come.

Date Whelped: 11.09.1995
Colour: pinto red with black mask
Kennel: Kakusu Chiho – Germany

Attributes: quiet and confident, almost never barks, a bit stubborn, not a big eater, doesn’t like other dominant males, very patient

sein Schlafplatz

Bruno loves sleeping in his bed. Meanwhile he is more than 11 years old and his black mask has become grey.

alle drei

Bruno, Ceyenne and Jane – a break at a hiking-tour in August 2005-11-13

mit den Geschwistern beim Züchter

Here he is about 7 weeks old – on the right hand side

mit einem Welpen beim Spiel

A proud dad with his son (2003)

als Welpe mit Decke

The first days in our house

mit Tochter im verschneitem Garten

One year old with our daughter – the first time in the snow

mit Cheyenne als welpe

Cheyenne has appeared – at the beginning he behaves hesitant but after a few days the ice was broken

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