American Akitas vom Wächterberg

Faizah in the snow

27.01.2007: Heute bekamen wir wieder einmal Post von Faizahs Herrchen Brian. Wie man auf den Bildern gut erkennen kann, ist Faizah inzwischen eine kleine Dame geworden. Ihre erste Hitze hat sie bereits hinter sich. Das schrieb uns Brian:
Hello Michaela und Olaf,
I hope all is well for your family and loved ones. I am attaching a foto here of Bopper from this past Wednesday. In spite of the fact that we had not seen snow this winter, Bopper and I took a trip east to nurnberg where she was able to enjoy her first sprinkle of frozen crystals.

True to the fact of Akita's, Bopper absolutely loves the snow. It will be hard to determine which she loves more, snow or water. But i will be sure to accumilate many fotos to share and compare. Here are two I took with you in mind. 1 shows her size and how she is maturing very nice and the other is a playful and very cute picture after she got to eat some of her first snow.

Also if you notice, I personally cut Bopper's coat approximately 4 days prior to these fotos. Her undercoat is much more colorful, bright, and vibrant versus her much darker outer layer. I think you can get a very good understanding of what I am referring to in these fotos as they were taken from differant angles only 1 minute apart.

Always your friends,
Brian and Katrin

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  • Brian says:

    Dear Akitafreund,
    Later this month we will be moving to a home in America. We are truly sorry and sad that the distance between us and your home will grow significantly. The move to america will be in the best interest of Bopper and our family. She will enjoy more room to roam in a yard and no longer confined to the apartment life. Althought the months were great in the apartment, Bopper will appreciate having more freedom to harness her nature. Words will never capture what you mean to our lives and we promise to stay in contact. We also are excited for your litter that is fast approaching and we stay glued to your website as well as advise others to view. Many reputable breeders from america have viewed your site and had nothing but kind and beautiful words to say about it. Olaf, thank you a million times over for your kindness and genorosity. Michaela (spelling?) , thank you dearly for your professionalism and will to work out a deal with me. Your actions go far above and beyond just being a breeder. I have nothing but kind words to pass along in america when speaking about where this wonderful dog came from. I hope someday we can meet and meet again. I will remain friends and i am proud to say that. Bis später…

    Your Friend, Brian

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