American Akitas vom Wächterberg

Djun, male

sitzt bei uns im Garten

Mai 2005
Djun visited us.

mit Jane im Garten

What a nice couple ...

mit Cheyenne

Kissed by mum

steht im Garten

2nd August, 2004
At last, Djun came for a visit.

liegt bei uns im Garten

We are amazed to see how gorgeous he has become.

guckt in Kamera

2nd August, 2004

sitzt vorm Haus

Post of Djun's family, April 2004:
At the beginning of March Djune changed from the puppies' group to a basic course in the dog school in Waldhessen. We train twice a week - Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. The first lesson started with an obedience exercise in which Djun had to stay 'Down'. Although he hadn't been amused at first he accepted his fate and has become a model Akita.

steht an Straße

Today's walking tour Djun spent with a 6-year-old Eurasier female which set him a limit now and then. And Djun has started to raise his leg for peeing.

heftige Begrüßung

28th December, 2003
A visitor surprised us.

steht im Garten

28th December, 2003
What a perfect body shape.

klettert über Chey

Chey kisses Djun goodbye. Now he lives in Eisenach.
He has arrived there quite good as he reports in this mail.

beim Spiel

59th day
with Doshi

stehen an Zwingertür

50th day
At the lawn-mower training with Django and in the background a bit frightened Daika and Damiko.

hat Birne gefunden

46th day
with a pear

schaut in Kamera

44th day

hockt im Zwinger

30th day


6th day

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