American Akitas vom Wächterberg

Daigoh, male

liegt im Flur

This is what Deigoh's dad wrote to us in January 2004:

For three weeks I have been taking him to the dog school. He is very teachable (you can reach everything with food). "Foot" and "Down" works quite good (according to the trainer's opinion). But Deigoh hasn't any respect for older males. We can leave him alone in our flat but not too long - otherwise he turns into a shredding wolf. All papers, books or newspapers 'are read' mercilessly.Obviously he knows that he has done something wrong when we come home, because he doesn't come in the living-room then but goes in his 'bad dog's corner'.

steht auf Wiese

Taking Deigoh to friends has been never a problem.He always behaves excellently. He just sniffs at the new things, greets everybody and then lies down on the floor. He stays waiting there all the time - even if there are tasty things on the table. He always likes to be where we are.

Ceyenne beugt sich über ihn

74th day
Farewell to Deigoh. He has found a new home in Braunschweig.

hockt im Schlafzimmer

69th day
Bedroom eyes!?

wird von Chey gereinigt

65th day

spielen im Garten

59th day
with Diara

2 auf dem Schoß

50th day
with Django

kauert vom Zwinger

39th day


9th day

liegt in Position

6th day

liegend von der Seite

4th day

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