American Akitas vom Wächterberg

Kenzo 2012


Kenzo 14 months old. Click on the pic to see him bigger.

Kenzo and Hanna- a dream team

29th April
Kenzo (10 months old) with Hanna

8th January, 2012

Hi Michaela and Olaf,
first a happy new year to you! I hope you are well. Everything is fine here. Goya is just in the moulting and looks like a plucked chicken, and our vacuum cleaner is working all the time. Kenzo and Goya are a great team now. They always play with each other. A real joy to watch them. Kenzo caught his first mouse yesterday. So far his success had only been, if he has stolen one from Goya or from our cat Robin. What the hell has a cat to do with a mouse? So we sometimes found a mouse in the dog basket. Well, still better than in front of our own bed. On Sunday, dog school continues. Let's see what we're doing there. Will certainly report again.
Best regards, Sandra

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