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Joshiro 2011

6th September

Joshi has got a new girlfriend. Suki from Greece, an eight-month old female.
Now he can laugh again and forget the loss of Lotta. Here you can see some current photos of him and Suki.

26th June 2011

Happy birthday Joshi.
One year has he become. And he looks so lovely with his long coat.

February 2011

Hello everyone,
Thank you for your Christmas greetings and wishes for the new year!
We could read this, but not return 🙁 How are you and the doggies? We hope that you are all healthy and
So now about Joshi ;-)! He has exploded, our Bear :-)! He has become incredibly large 64 cm and now has 26.2 kilograms in the ribs! Now he is really a handsome appearance! How quickly the 8 months have gone.
However, it does not prevent him from throwing on my lap when I play with him and sit on the floor 😉 It's just my baby :-)!
He is extremely affectionate and comes along everywhere, if it works! Destroying furniture, etc. has decreased significantly, but maybe I should not say this too loud? In the dog school it works out good, so good that we are going to start a course for the Companion Dog with Joshi in March. Let's see if he likes it. Until now we have always a lot of praise from dog coaches for his good learning and social skills. In addition, we are going to start a man-trailing course with Joshi.

We are biased anyway in terms of his great character, but even the dog trainers often say how smart he is, and
how fast he can transpose things! Sometimes I say to Jan, Joshi like a sponge absorbs everything no matter what you
offers him! Of course he is more demanding than Akira or Lotta have ever been. It is very exhausting, but it
makes a lot of to see a lot of fun to see his progress and to accompany! Although I sometimes curse because of his extreme stubbornness 🙂
I would not have it otherwise! We love him so much! With the kids and Joshi everything goes well! Julius calls him always, my great curly!

Until then, all the love
the Germänner with Lotta and Joshi

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  • Kira says:

    Was ein kleines Bärchen :o) Aber ich glaube er wolte ein Chow-Chow sein 😀

    Ich schicke bald mal wieder Bilder von Nala!

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