American Akitas vom Wächterberg

Goro 2009/2010

September 2010

As Inuki moved to Goro one year ago, we always get pictures and mails for both of them. That is why you will find all news about Goro on Inuki's page.

October 2009

Goro and Markus - Inseparable.


Goro and his two cats are waiting for a treat

March 2009
Goro in winter holidays in Switzerland

Goro almost 2 years old

Goro and Wilma - up and away

4th January 2009

Today we got some new pictures of Goro and Markus. Now they live in Austria.

In the pictures you can see that Goro has turned into a gorgeous Akita male.

Meanwhile Goro is 70 centimetres high and almost 50 kilos heavy.

He looks very similar to mum Jane, doesn't he?

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