American Akitas vom Wächterberg

E-Litter, our fifth litter

Eizan mit Spielzeug

4th June - Eizan has become an American Akita. Yesterday we said farewell to our last puppy and so our E-litter is history. We hope for all of our puppies that they will have wonderful lives together with their families. We will stop breeding with Bruno and Chey. Hopefully they will enjoy their lives as pensioners in our house many further years.

2 an der Mauer

74th day, Euriko and Eizan

Mama putzt Eida

64th day, Eida with mum

2 laufen durch Garten

60th day, Eizan and Eida

vier vor Hütte

54th day

drei sehen müde aus

52nd day

zwei schauen in Kamera

46th day

Cheyenne würd belagert

43rd day, poor Chey

zwei weiße im Schnee

39th day, first experience with snow

mit Jane im Schnee

39th day

mit Chey im Schnee

39th day

im Welpenzimmer

37th day

zwei schauen in Kamera

32nd day

kurz nach der Geburt

On 2nd February our E-litter saw the light of day. Cheyenne started whelping at 3.30 a.m. and gave birth to a puppy almost every hour. Her last male puppy appeared at 2 p.m. but he was too weak and unfortunately he died. So we have 9 babies: 3 males and 6 females. All of them are in good health and weigh about 400 grams.

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