American Akitas vom Wächterberg

Emiko, female

beim üben

October 05
For a treat I will go everywhere.

liegt auf Einfahrt

October 05

beim Spiel mit Eizan

Today Emiko visited us. Especially Eizan was really delighted and Jane his good old girlfriend was not interesting anymore.


Although it was a really hot day Eizan and Emiko rampaged through the garden all the time.


Finally two bright white Akitapups have turned into two grey dusty dogs.

mit Katzen

Emiko shares her home and couch with two cats.

stehend im Garten

Emiko lives in Lauchhammer. We already recieved some pictures. Her family wrote: 'Emiko has settled into our home quite well. The first day was a bit hectic because of our cats, but now she is fine.

zwischen Blumen

Today Emiko was at our building site. Having arrived she checked the garden and afterwards she looked so dirty. Meanwhile she doesn't have anything against her leash. And she lets us know if she has to pee. We hope everything will go on as perfect as it has been so far. See you soon.'

schaut aus dem Zwinger

54th day

mit Enkazu

52nd day


46th day


43rd day, with Enshi

3 im Schnee

39th day, group picture in snow

in Wurfkiste

26th day

durcheinander in der Kiste

24th day

mal gähnen

17th day

bei Cheyenne in Kiste

17th day

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