American Akitas vom Wächterberg

Gina, female

30th May, 2nd June, 2007

Today Gina moved to her new family, too. Michaela from Bischofswerda fell in love with her and is going to give her a lovely home from now on. We are so happy to meet Gina as well as Ginkou again at our local dog school.

30th May, fifty-seventh day

A kiss for Gina.

27th May, fifty-fourth day

Gina says today: 'Happy birthday, dear Michaela.'

26th May, fifty-third day

Gina- the winner in tug-of-war.

21st May, forty-eighth day

17th May, forty-fourth day

15th May, forty-second day

Pretty Gina.

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  • Karen says:

    Die Welpen wachsen so schnell! Sie sind schön. Gina sieht wie ihr
    Urgroßmutter, Ebony, aus. Vielen Dank für alle Fotos und Videos!
    (The puppies are growing so fast! They are beautiful. Gina will look like her greatgrandmother, Ebony. Many thanks for all the photos and videos!)
    Deine Freundin, Karen

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