American Akitas vom Wächterberg

Geeza, female

7th März, 2008

Geeza 10 months

8th June, 2007

Geeza found a nice family in Göda. That is also not too far from us so we can see Geeza soon again.

5th June, sixty-third day

As we only have two puppies we can expand our walking tours into the woods. There are a lot of interesting things to see and explore for them.

28th May, fifty-fifth day

Geeza on the watch.

27th May, fifty-fourth day

26th May, fifty-third day

Geeza with grandma Chey.

21st May, forty-eighth day

20th May, forty-seventh day

Geeza`s ears also stand.

18th May, forty-fifth day

17th May, forty-fourth day

11th May, thirty-eighth day

10th May, thirty-seventh day

Geeza likes to explore our garden on her own. She is a really confident girl.

6th May, thirty-third day

Geeza playing in the grass

1st May, twenty-eighth day

30th April, twenty-seventh day

24th April, twenty-first day

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