American Akitas vom Wächterberg

Dear Cheyenne, dear Bruno, dear breeders Olaf and Michaela,

schaut aus dem Auto

My new dad is writing for me a mail to you because my paws are too big for writing on a keyboard. In the photo you can see me with mum Regina during my first big tour on a motorway.

I must admit that it wasn't easy to leave you but Regina is so nice and smooth to me and I really like this.

sitzt am Straßenrand

Arrived in Eisenach my new home patch was examined and marked off so that everybody knows I live here now.

auf Frauchens Arm

auf Herrchens Arm

Then mum took me into the house and dad was allowed to carry me, too.

bei der 1. Mahlzeit

In the kitchen I got some nice food and amazon Jako watched me carefully.

in der Küche

Regina got a kiss from me and a glass of sparkling wine from Rolf-Peter because she had organized my arrival so well.
Both of them took their holidays alternately so that I was able to settle down in my new environment more easily.

Next time I will tell you more, e.g. that I am housebroken now or my new girlfriend's name.

yours Djun

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