American Akitas vom Wächterberg

More winter Akitas

We got some more beautiful photos under the category: American Akita in the snow. Enjoy watching.

Dojo deep in snow

Chanto pulling the sleigh

Banta (8,5 years)


Joshiro (Longcoat) - 5 months old

Inuki and Goro

Mice-catching Goro


Dancing in the snow - Shadow and Gina

Hira in the snow

Balou, another grandson of Chey and Bruno, loves the snow too.

Bea (10) and Akyo

American Akita Aikido (Cheyenne and Bruno's grandson) and Shiba female Bumiko (of KICHINICHI KENSHA)

Annika-Geisha (3,5 yrs.)


Fumiko (4,5 yrs.)


Suelangans Canadian Pride (Candy) - 13,5 years old

Cheyenne (13 yrs.)

A sledge would be great

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