American Akitas vom Wächterberg

After-Christmas hike

Katja and Dirk invited this year to the traditional after-Christmas hike to Großdrebnitz . 15 cheerful dog people along with their enthusiastic four-legged friends trudged through the snowy winter forest ... could have been thinking .

But no, this year there wasn’t any Christmas snow like last year. And so we started at almost spring-like temperatures on our way around Großdrebnitz , passing remote villages , small ponds , streams , autumn woods, meadows and stubble . In the two rest stops Katja and Dirk had perfectly prepared for our comforts . Finally, also the doggies seemed to like our hike, so it was said once " leash off" and Jason , Curt and Fellow ran cross country in best male style .

On our way back over the Hilmesberg we had a fantastic view over the West Lusatian hills with a wonderful sunset. Finally, we have managed about 10 kilometers and dog and man arrived exhausted but still in a good mood again at Großdrebnitz.
Thank you to our hiking guides that would like to have gone a bit further, but it was also really nice and everyone has lost at least a few pounds of Christmas roast goose meal . And there were no unpleasant incidents . Well if that 's nothing!

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