American Akitas vom W├Ąchterberg

My Akita and me

Inspired by pictures of Balou and Debbie Nala with their owners we thought we join the Selfie trend and give it a try as well. Not so easy, because Shadi is not exactly the ideal cuddly dog in front of the camera.

The results can be found here and we would appreciate if you send us your Selfies as well, so we can publish it here.

Happy birthday to all H-litter Akitas from Hira, Kodi, Maggy and us of course.

Just Kenzo and the sky

Joachim, Freia and Fumiko

Kira with Debbie-Nala

Steffi with Balou

Vivienne and Jane

Jane and Shadi

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  • Allie says:

    Meine Labbis lassen sich nicht gerne fotografieren. Die meinen immer, in ihrem Vertrag steht nichts von Film- und Fotoaufnahmen ­čśë

    Die Fotos sind alle sch├Ân, aber das Foto von Steffi und Balou ist klasse!!!

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