American Akitas vom Wächterberg

Winter Holiday in Klingenthal

We went to Klingenthal for a short holiday last week. First we had a look at the famous Vogtland Arena. It ss really quite spectacular to watch. Too bad that no ski jumpers were in action. That would have been an experience. Then we walked to the Aschberg (917 m). There was a lot of snow. Finding a really good trail was not easy. All trails for skiers. The woods looked like fairy forest. The doggies liked it too. From the Aschberg you really had a great view.

The next day our route led us to Schoeneck and from there to the dam Muldenberg. Something to know: The dam of the Muldenberg is a curved wall made of stone masonry. It was built in 1920-1925 near Schoeneck. It has the longest mural crown of all dams in Saxony.
Yes, this tour was much more exhausting than the one of the previous day. We were running a good 16 km –route. That was probably the last winter day this year, the next day we drove on to Bavaria, it was already warm and spring-like. As always, a few winter holiday snapshots.

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