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Dog obedience school by day and night

24th September - by night

The summer is on his way and now gives place for the autumn which provides with his akita-friendly temperatures for the fact that our dogs go again more joyfully to the dog school. For this reason we would like to show you a few impressions of our dog school which has to offer something not only during the day.
And thus it was that some dog friends appeared to the yearly night practise in September and this time a small competition was on. Two dog leaders with their dogs formed a team and finished a 4-course-competition in the disciplines obedience, slalom, steeplechase and hurdle-race. It was not at all so simple for our dogs to pass these challenges as quickly as possible and perfectly, as they are not used to do exercises at night in floodlight- and in this time they usually dream blessedly in their dog beds. Nevertheless, all doggies gave their best and showed to their masters how well one can count on them if it depends
on it.
And what should we say to you, Jane managed it together with her team colleague shepherd dog Emma to get on the first place. Well,if this is no reason to be proud

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25th September - by day

Being in good mood we went on taking a few photos of our Saturday afternoon dogs school education. And as you can see in the pictures, today a nice group of Akitas gathered again. In the training we did different exercises: obedience and a bit agility. Not to forget, of course, the usual walk after the coffee break. A lot of fun with looking at our small gallery of our dog school during day and night.
And at the end one more tip for all hiking-and Akita-friends:
For the 17th October our Akita group plans a walking tour around the Moritzburger ponds passing a wildlive-park and a wolf enclosure. Whoever would like to join us during this day is welcome with pleasure, American Akitas in particular.

Auf ein Bild klicken, dann öffnet sich die Galerieansicht

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  • Tanja says:

    Das sieht nach einer Menge Spaß für Hund und Herrchen aus 🙂 ! Gratulation Michaela und Jane zum 1 Platz ! Das ist so toll, so viele Akitas in der Hundeschule zu haben ! Ich muß nicht erwähnen das Joshi der einzige Akita in unsere Hundeschule ist 😉 !
    Liebe Grüße von Joshi und Familie 🙂

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