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H like Hachiko

We are expecting our upcoming H-litter. Still we have to wait a bit but in about 10 days we can welcome our H-puppies. H reminds every Akita lover of the famous Hachiko. Up until the early 1900s the Akita was well- known in his homeland but was not popular outside Japan. This changed when an Akita named Hachiko brought the breed into the worldwide focus. This dog accompanied his owner to the train station each day on his way to and from work. One day, the dog's owner had a fatal stroke at work. Regardless, Hachiko has returned everyday to the train station for 9 years waiting for his owner's arrival. This story of the loyal Akita became known throughout the world and at the time of Hachiko's death, a bronze statue was erected at the train station in his honour.
Hachiko's devotion to his lost master moved those around him, who nicknamed him "faithful dog".
Shortly ago we discovered a lovely video on YouTube which tells Hachiko's story. You should watch it.

Hachiko at Wikipedia
Hachiko the Film I
Hachiko the Film II

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