American Akitas vom Wächterberg


CSC 2008

Agility + Fun – CSC -competition in our dog school

Traditionally in October we have a fancy-dress party in our local dog school where funny-dressed teams go to the start with their dogs.
As our Chey is quite old now she only could be among the spectators. But Akyo was a really good substitute for Chey cause he is a strong and powerful runner. Our team – that was Olaf with Jane, Carmen with Bea and Heiko with Akyo - started as „The Santa Clauses“.
All competitors gave their best and sometimes you could see a dog flying.
Finally the 1st prize went to the „Granddads“. „The Dream dancers“ and „The Mixed Team“ got rank two and three.
However the Santa Clauses won a prize, too. What? The first prize fort he nicest costume.
Kudos to Carmen who always has great ideas.
At the end we went for a relaxing walk across the forests in splendid summer weather.
As usual you can take a look at some pics of this nice day.

Auf ein Bild klicken, dann öffnet sich die Galerieansicht

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