American Akitas vom Wächterberg

In search of the „Five Brothers“

Christoph spontaneously invited for a small autumn hike in the valley of the river Elbe.. A nice little group of 10 hikers, 5 American Akitas, a boxer dog and Doberman bitch Sunny finally came together.

Our route took us along the Elbe river, across the railway bridge in Lower Wartha by Tännichtgrund, past old quarries to the natural monument "five brothers". The five brothers are five hundred-years old chestnuts that have been declared as a natural monument because of their age and their specific expression. There are several legends, one reads something like: Five brothers went out to find their sister who had been abducted by a dragon while bathing in a sheep pond. In the fight with the dragon, the brothers were killed. On the wedding day with the dragon the girl was able to flee. Later, she planted in memory of her five
brothers each a chestnut tree.
Having arrived back at Christoph’s it was already dark and in his wine cellar we finished the beautiful afternoon with quince liqueur, wine and sandwiches.
Thanks to our guide Christoph and attached there are a few photos as usual.

Auf ein Bild klicken, dann öffnet sich die Galerieansicht

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