American Akitas vom Wächterberg

On the Brocken

While it was the Great Rachel and the Great Arber in the Bavarian Forest last year, we decided for the Brocken mountain in the Harz this autumn holiday. With at least 1141 meters it is the highest peak of northern Germany. Mists and fogs shroud it up many days of the year, Goethe and Heine could not resist its charm, in times of the GDR declared as prohibited area and nowadys destination of thousands of mountaineers. The landlord of our holiday apartment recommended a path away from the crowd on a wild brook which led up to the Brocken through beautiful forests. Only in the last quarter of the distance we had to walk on the main trail together with plenty of hikers. The mists were invisible on that day and so we were more lucky than the writer of this guestbook entry in Brockenhaus: " Viele Steine, müde Beine, Aussicht keine, Heinrich Heine."
A return trip by the Harz railway would certainly have been interesting, but because of the exorbitant fares for humans and dogs we had decided from the start for hiking and went downhill again. In the end we had walked a distance of 27 kilometers.
A few holiday snaps from our Brocken-tour as well as some more holiday hikes we want to show here as usual.

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